Ad van der Eerden

Technician, Safety Officer
Employed since: 1995
Phone: +31 6 22736142
Room: 4.19



Research; In-situ EXAFS

The main subject of the appointment in the department, is to give all necessary support to the EXAFS measurements and other synchrotron based research measurements in catalysis. The EXAFS measurements are mainly focussed on the characterisation of catalytic active materials. The behaviour and electronic properties during catalytic processes are studied during reactions, in-situ. In our research group is much experience doing in-situ measurements. The latest development is an in-situ cell for the low energy region. We designed an in-situ cell for XAFS measurements on catalyst samples in gaseous environments in the energy range of 1000 to 3000 eV (ILEXAFS). We started to design an electro-chemical in-situ cell in a liquid environment for the energy range of 1 to 6 keV.

Another field of interest is the synthesis of zeolites and clays onto different kind of supports for application in catalysis reactions. Mainly, the support consists of stainless steel bodies, prepared with silica interlayer, onto which the zeolites are grown.



Ad M.J. van der Eerden (1954) obtained his chemical engineer degree (HBO-b) in 1979 at the STOVA in Wageningen. Remia CV employed him from 1979 to 1981 in the research division on the application of edible oils and fats in margarine and sauces.

In august 1981 he started a research job in the Department of Earth science of the Utrecht University, in the group of Experimental Petrology of Dr. J.B.H. Jansen and Prof. R.D. Schuiling. The main subjects he worked on are: synthesis of divers rare minerals, phase diagram studies on ammonium minerals in equilibrium with fluids at elevated temperatures and pressures and synthesis of clays under hydrothermal conditions.

In September 1995 he started a research job in the Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis of the Utrecht University in the group of Prof. D.C. Koningsberger. The main subjects are contribution the all EXAFS experimentation inside the research group, design of new in-situ cells for EXAFS measurements. His personal interest is in the hydrothermal synthesis of zeolites and clays, especially onto stainless steel supports for catalysis purposes.


Bitter, J H; Lemaux, S; Bensaddik, A; der Eerden, Van A M J; Koningsberger, D C

Understanding of enhanced oxygen storage capacity in Ce0.5Zr0.5O2: The presence of an anharmonic pair distribution function in the Zr-O2 subshell as analyzed by XAFS spectroscopy Journal Article

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 105 (21), pp. 4810-4815, 2001, (cited By 50).

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