Dmitrii Osadchii

Postdoctoral Fellow
Employed since: September 2020
Phone: +31 617856906
Room: 5.88 (DDW), 2.06 (VMC)



In my research I am focusing on the development of a photocatalyst for degradation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) under visible light. Metal halide perovskites (MHPs) demonstrate favorable optoelectronic characteristics for such applications. However, low stability of MHPs towards water and other polar molecules, as well as the use of toxic lead compounds in MHP synthesis, limits their suitability for environmental photocatalysis. By switching to lead-free alternatives and growing protective shells on the surface of MHP particles I am aiming to find the routes towards highly stable, active, and eco-friendly perovskite-based photocatalysts.



2020 – present:

Postdoctoral researcher, Utrecht University (under the supervision of prof. dr. E. Hutter)

2018 – 2019:

Postdoctoral researcher, Delft University of Technology (under the supervision of prof. dr. ir. M. Makkee, project title: “Upgrading of tire pyrolysis oil for further commercialization”)


Visiting student, University College London (in the group of prof. G. Sankar)

2014 – 2020:

PhD in Chemical Engineering, Delft University of Technology (under the supervision of prof. dr. F. Kapteijn and prof. dr. J. Gascon, thesis title: “Design and characterization of catalysts with isolated metal sites”)

2008 – 2013:

MSc in Chemistry, Novosibirsk State University (thesis title: “Electronic and geometric structure of Pd/CeO2 catalysts for low-temperature CO oxidation”)


Other publications

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