Research Group


Our group focuses on characterization, performance, and synthesis of inorganic functional materials with special emphasis on well-defined heterogeneous catalysts for energy storage and sustainable physicochemical conversion processes in the fields of thermal catalysis, photocatalysis and electrocatalysis. We specialize in the development of operando and in-situ (time-resolved) spectroscopy and microscopy techniques to develop structure-performance relationships and understand, for example, the function and deactivation of solid catalysts. Further focal areas include industrial catalysis, environmental analysis, plasmonic sensing, and data mining.


Advanced spectro(micro)scopy for the study of hierarchically complex functional materials under real working conditions, especially heterogeneous catalytic solids and processes for present and future hydrocarbon conversion processes, catalyst synthesis, and data mining.

Fundamental challenge

To establish the relationship between structure, composition, and function of functional materials at different length scales, that is, ranging from the single atomic and molecule level over the micro-, meso- and macroscopic scale up to the level of, for example, small reactor set-ups. This is especially important for catalyst materials used in the production of present and future fuels and chemicals because fundamental problems in catalysis and sustainability require a multi-scale science approach.