Available Projects for Master Students

Due to the current situation (COVID-19) not only the laboratories, but also the entire David de Wied & Vening Meinesz buildings will be closed starting from Thursday March 19 until further notice. 

We can therefore not accept new MSc or BSc projects before late summer, but definitely not before end of July. 

Currently the following calls for MSc projects are open. If you are interested please contact Florian Meirer. First please consult our page information for students.


Supervisor: Nina Genz
Title: Supported Fe-Cu bimetallic catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation
Short project description: Rising atmospheric CO2 concentration constitutes one of the most challenging problems of today’s society. In view of proceeding climate change and increasing awareness of associated consequences, catalytic conversion of CO2 into fuels and chemicals became a highly relevant topic. Hence, using CO2 as reactant for producing value-added products, e.g. hydrocarbons or alcohols, is a promising starting point to handle this issue. Catalytic hydrogenation of CO2 over non-noble, abundant, inexpensive, so-called green metals can constitute a major advance. For CO2 hydrogenation towards methane, Ni catalysts represent excellent catalysts due to their high activity and selectivity. Besides Ni, Fe and Cu also represent green metals. Accordingly, combining Fe and Cu constitutes a promising advance in terms of CO2hydrogenation towards value-added products.
This project focuses on supported Fe-Cu bimetallic catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation. For detailed characterization of as-prepared Fe-Cu bimetallic catalysts, several characterization techniques, including amongst others XRD, Nphysisorption, TEM, FTIR, and, if suitable, X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) will be performed.