Available projects for Master Students

Currently the following calls for MSc projects are open. If you are interested please contact Florian Meirer. First please consult our page information for students.

Supervisor: Fei Chang
Short project description:
Alkali metal hydride as a transition-metal-free catalyst for ammonia synthesis

Supervisor: Jongkook Hwang
Short project description:
Preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide in H2-rich gas

Supervisor: Shiyou Xing
Short project description:
The utilization of CO2 via a catalytic hydrogenation manner has become a hotspot recently because of its great prospect not only in the supply of fuel and/or chemicals but also on the potential resolvement of global warming issues. The goal of this project will focus on the synthesis and screening of one type of metal oxides catalyst which possesses great catalytic reactivity and selectivity towards the production of methanol, and finds out the specific catalytic mechamisms at a molecular level through advanced in situ techniques.

Supervisor: Justine Harmel
Short project description:
Metal-acid bifunctional catalysts for alkanes conversion.
One key reaction for the upgrading of hydrocarbons such as Fischer-Tropsch products is the hydro-isomerization of linear alkanes into branched alkanes, which have an higher octane value, and are therefore more valuable. The goal of this project is to study bifunctional catalysts with a metallic site and an acidic site for this reaction.