Available projects for Master Students

Currently the following calls for MSc projects are open. If you are interested please contact Florian Meirer. First please consult our page information for students.

Supervisor: Hebatalla Elnaggar
Short project description:
The project is focused on data analysis and computation of X-ray absorption and Resonant inelastic X-ray spectroscopy experiments of various transition metal oxide systems. These strongly correlated systems (such as Fe and Co oxides single crystals and thin films) are studied with X-ray spectroscopy to elucidate their electronic and magnetic properties. The understanding of these properties is of essence to optimise these compounds for electronic devices, photovoltaics and catalysis.

Supervisor: Johan de Boed
Short project description:
Kinetic studies of supported early transition metal catalysts in liquid phase oxidation of cyclooctene.

Supervisor: Ina Vollmer
Short project description:
Nanoplastic is extremely hard to detect and characterise and thus its impact on the environment is difficult to assess. Because it is a suggested product of the degradation of plastic waste, the aim of this project is to study the impact of different seawater environments on the degradation kinetics of various types of plastics. In addition to this degradation pathway the mechanism of degradation via hydrolysis, photodegradation, and other processes will be investigated.