News 2022

03 November 2022

Publication in Angewandte Chemie: Review of techniques to study nano plastics

On October 21, 2022, Laurens Mandemaker and Florian Meirer published a review in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Angewandte Chemie investigating the different micro-spectroscopic techniques available specifically for the detection of […]

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17 October 2022

Aurora Insights – Laura did a Research Exchange in New York

This summer, Laura spent a couple of week in New York City to visit a partner from her consortium. You might have already seen some astonishing pictures from Central Park […]

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08 August 2022

Loreta received an NWO XS grant for groundbreaking research project

Loreta Muscarella (ICC) has received an NWO XS grant of 50.000 euro for groundbreaking research into photocatalysis. In this project, indoor pollution will be tackled by developing a smart perovskite-based […]

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20 May 2022

Ina & Ward received an NWO XS grant for curiosity-driven research

Ina Vollmer and Ward van der Stam (both ICC) have received an NWO XS grant of 50.000 euro for curiosity-driven research into new ways to recycle plastic and CO2. Ina […]

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28 January 2022

Publication in Nature Materials – Two for the price of one: Researchers design unique catalyst to make carbon-neutral transportation fuels

An important step towards a carbon-neutral society is making transportation fuels like diesel and gasoline from carbon-neutral carbon sources like biomass, waste plastic, and even CO2. Because diesel and gasoline […]

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14 January 2022

Press release ICC – Nature Communications, Metal or Metal Oxide, That’s The Question

ICC scientists, in cooperation with the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland, have discovered new fundamental insights into the reaction mechanism of CO2 hydrogenation. CO2 hydrogenation is one of a set […]

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11 January 2022

Press Release ICC – 6 Jan 2022 – Nature Reviews – Chemistry: Towards Solving the Puzzle of Active Sites in Catalysis

Catalysts are used in essentially all chemical processes to increase their efficiency and lower energy costs. They help by making the desired reaction pathways faster, or more favorable compared to […]

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07 January 2022

In memoriam: Jos van Dillen

Deze week bereikte ons het droeve bericht dat Dr. Jos (A.J.) van Dillen op Kerstavond is overleden. Jos promoveerde in 1977  als eerste promovendus van John Geus aan de Universiteit […]

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