PhD Candidates

  • Anne-Eva Nieuwelink
    Single Particle Diagnostics: Integrating Biomass and Solar Catalysis with Optical Spectroscopy within a Microreactor Device
  • Antonio Martínez Pascual
    Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Oxidative Depolymerisation of Lignin-derived Monomers and Oligomers
  • Bas Terlingen
    The re-use of the by-product hydrochloric acid to generate valuable compounds
  • Beatriz Luna Murillo
    Bio-oil to chemicals and fuels: (in situ) catalyst deactivation studies at multiple length scales
  • Carlos Hernández Mejía
    Niobia-based metal catalysts for synthesis gas conversion
  • Carolien Vis
    Biomass conversion in Pickering emulsions
  • Caroline Versluis
    Nano-Scale Filming of a Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalyst
  • Charlotte Vogt
    Structure-Activity Relationships in Hydrogenation Reactions over Supported Nickel Nanoparticles
  • Christa van Oversteeg
    Copper chalcogenide semiconductor nanocrystals for photo- and electrocatalysis
  • Christia Jabbour
    Chemical Imaging of Solid Catalysts with Nano-Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Donglong Fu
    Spatiotemporal Spectroscopic Studies of zeolites synthesis and catalysis
  • Egor Fufachev
    Catalytic conversion of waste stream-derived volatile fatty acids to bio-based platform chemicals
  • Ellen Sterk
    Support, Alloying and Promoter Effects and Active Sites in CO2 Hydrogenation
  • Erik Maris
    Diffusion and reactivity in single porous catalyst particles on the single-molecule level
  • Federica Frati
  • Florian Zand
  • Francesco Mattarozzi
    Electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide: elucidating the role of carbon-supported silver nanoparticles, support and electrolyte
  • Giorgio Totarella
    Supported Copper-based catalysts for selective hydrogenation
  • Guusje Delen
  • Hebatalla Elnaggar
    RIXS dichroism on strongly correlated systems
  • Ilse van Ravenhorst
    3-D chemical imaging of coke formation in hydrotreating catalyst extrudates
  • Iris ten Have
    Promoter and poison effects in heterogeneous catalysis: Novel tools to shed fundamental insight
  • Iván Garcia Torregrosa
    Transition metal oxides for photoelectrochemical water splitting
  • Jeddeo O’Connor
  • Jelle Boereboom
    Multiscale Modeling Approach to Biomass Valorization: Solvent Effects
  • Jeroen van den Reijen
    The stability of supported Ag nanoparticulate catalysts.
  • Jochem Wijten
    Characterization of Ni-Mo based electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution from water
  • Jogchum Oenema
    Bi-functional zeolite based catalysts
  • Johan de Boed
    Support Effects in Gold-Catalyzed Direct Propylene Epoxidation
  • Joris Koek
    SHINERs in heterogeneous catalysis research
  • Jose Moya-Cancino
    Deposition of carbon onto supported metal catalysts
  • Katarína Stančiaková
    Acidic Water in Zeolite Pores: Multi-scale Modelling of Water-Active Site Interactions
  • Katinka Wondergem
    Unravelling the mysteries of solar steam nanobubbles
  • Khaled Khalili
    Development of new methods for the catalytic depolymerization and valorization of lignin
  • Koen Bossers
    Multi-scale Chemical Imaging of Multi-component Catalyst Materials: New Opportunities to Understand Catalytic Activity and Related Deactivation Phenomena of Ziegler-Natta Catalysts
  • Kordula Schnabl
  • Lars van der Wal
    Zeolite-based catalysts synthesis: advanced electron microscopy studies
  • Laura Barberis
    Cu-based catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol
  • Laura de Kort
    Metal hydride based nanocomposite materials as fast ion conductors for all-solid-state batteries
  • Laurens Mandemaker
    Understanding physico-chemical processes of catalyst (thin) films using advanced (in-situ) Scanning Probe Microscopy techniques
  • Lennart Weber
    Direct conversion of synthesis gas to aromatics
  • Lisette Pompe
    Stability of Copper Nanoparticulate Catalysts
  • Luc Smulders
    Metal (Oxide) – Acid Catalysts for Hydrocarbon Conversion
  • Maarten Jongkind
    New insights in the working principles of Cr/SiO2 Phillips catalysts in the presence and absence of alkyl compounds as co-catalyst
  • Marisol Tapia Rosales
    Cu-based electrocatalysts for solar fuels
  • Mark Meijerink
    Advanced electron microscopy for understanding supported metal catalyst synthesis
  • Maximilian Werny
    Multi-scale investigation of silica-supported ethylene polymerization catalysts during the early stages of the reaction
  • Michael Jenks
    Catalytic Conversion of Municipal Waste
  • Miguel Rivera Torrente
    Defect-Engineered Metal-Organic Framework Catalysts
  • Nienke Visser
    Exploring fundamental characteristics of nickel-based catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation
  • Nikos Nikolopoulos
  • Nynke Krans
    Fabrication of supported metal catalysts
  • Pasi Paalanen
    Fischer-Tropsch to Lower Olefins Using Fe Catalysts
  • Petra Keijzer
    Fundamental studies of supported silver catalyst genesis and usage
  • Rafael Mayorga González
    Exploring the Complexity of Pore Space of a Catalyst Particle
  • Remco Dalebout
    Promoted and bimetallic Cu-based catalysts for synthesis gas conversion
  • Rogier Brand
  • Rolf Beerthuis
    Hydrogenation of intermediate light oxygenates: Understanding promoter effects.
  • Romy Riemersma
    Studying the Genesis of Nanobubbles on Zeolite and Metal Organic Framework Thin-Films by Scanning Probe Microscopy
  • Roozbeh Valadian
  • Ru-Pan Wang
    X-ray spectroscopy of magnetic metal oxide thin films
  • Savannah Turner
    The Fundamentals of the Activation of Industrial Nickel Based Catalyst Precursors.
  • Sebastian Haben
    Pyrolytic upgrading of methane to ethylene, aromatics and carbon materials
  • Silvia Zanoni
    Characterization of Supported Metallocene Catalysts for Olefins Polymerization: an Understanding of Specific Activity Booster
  • Sophie van Vreeswijk
    Exploration of Non-Commodity Zeolite Framework for Small Molecule Activation: Acidity, Reactivity and Coke Formation
  • Stanislav Šimko
    Exploration of Non-Commodity Zeolite Framework for Small Molecule Activation: Acidity, Reactivity and Coke Formation
  • Stijn Hinterding
    Studying single catalytic conversion events using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
  • Suzanne Verkleij
    Spatiotemporal chemical imaging of zeolite deactivation and poisoning phenomena at the extrudate level
  • Thijs Verkaaik
  • Ties Haarman
    Rational design of vanadia based catalysts for SCR of NOx using advanced X-ray spectroscopic techniques
  • Tom van Deelen
    Supported cobalt nanoparticles to elucidate structure-performance relationships in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
  • Wouter Lamme
    Fundamental studies on the synthesis of carbon-supported noble metal catalysts
  • Xinwei Ye
    Spatiotemporal Spectroscopic Crystallization Studies of Zeolites
  • Yannick Geertzema
    Towards Understanding the Selectivity Steering of the Hydrogenation of Nitriles towards Primary Amines over Raney Nickel Hydrogenation Catalysts with Modifying Agents