PhD Candidates

  • Adriaan Duijndam
    Detecting micro- and nanoplastics from various environmental matrices
  • Adrian Hergesell
    Mechano-catalytic conversion of polyolefin waste
  • Albaraa Falodah
    Fundamental Insights in the Kinetic Behavior of Supported Metallocene Catalysts
  • Angela Melcherts
    Thermochemical CO2 conversion over supported metal catalysts
  • Bas den Hartigh
    Investigation of strong metal-support interactions of the CO2 hydrogenation reaction over CoO/TiO2 catalysts
  • Bram Kappé
    Structure sensitivity and promotor effects in (de)hydrogenation reactions catalyzed by supported nickel nanoparticles
  • Caroline Versluis
    Nano-Scale Filming of a Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalyst
  • Christia Jabbour
    Chemical Imaging of Solid Catalysts with Nano-Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Daan Groefsema
    Luminescence Thermometry for Operando Monitoring of Local Temperatures during Endothermic and Exothermic Hydrocarbon Conversion Processes
  • Ellen Sterk
    Support, Alloying and Promoter Effects and Active Sites in CO2 Hydrogenation
  • En Chen
    Photo-assisted Solvolysis of Polyolefins
  • Fieke Sluijs
    Da Vinci Project. How can we educate changemakers?
  • Floor Brzesowsky
    A dancing catalyst for carbon dioxide utilization
  • Florian Zand
    Unraveling the fundamentals of metal synergy in supported bimetallic catalysts
  • Fréderique Broers
    3D Understanding of Degradation Products in Paintings
  • Hanya Spoelstra
    Design methane decomposition catalyst materials building on insights obtained by in-situ and operando spectroscopy and microscopy
  • Haoxiang Yan
    A complete transformation path for C-C backboned plastic wastes to high-value chemicals and materials
  • Hui Wang
    Revealing the restructuring of electrocatalysts during CO2 electroreduction with in-situ electrochemical AFM
  • Huygen Jöbsis
    Revealing the band structure of metal halide perovskites and its implications for photocatalysis.
  • Iris ten Have
    Promoter and poison effects in heterogeneous catalysis: Novel tools to shed fundamental insight
  • Jan den Hollander
    3-D chemical imaging of coke deposits and metal sintering within honeycomb catalyst materials for hydrogen production
  • Jelle Bos
    Investigation and optimization of the iso-oleic acid hydrogenation process by coupled in-situ spectroscopies and bifunctional catalysis
  • Jelle Kranenborg
    CO2 hydrogenation on copper: structure sensitivity and support effects
  • Jiaorong Yan
    Design, synthesis, and modification of supported Pt catalysts for CO oxidation
  • Jim de Ruiter
    Surface-sensitive in-situ vibrational spectroscopy during CO2 electroreduction reaction
  • Jochem van de Minkelis
    Hydrothermal conversion of polyethylene in supercritical water
  • Joëlle Siewe
    Elucidating the Role of Late Transition Metals as Promotor Elements in Noble Metal-based Redox Catalysts
  • Joren Dorresteijn
    Synthesis, characterization & fragmentation behavior of porous metallocene supports for the production of mICP
  • Joris Koek
    SHINERs in heterogeneous catalysis research
  • Joyce Kromwijk
    Two-step Thermochemical CO2 Hydrogenation Toward Aromatics
  • Kirsten Siebers
    Spectroscopic and morphological fingerprinting of micro- and nanoplastics at multiple length scales
  • Kordula Schnabl
    Coatings and Functional Materials – Controlled catalytic breakdown of chitin to waterborne building blocks
  • Laura Zoutendijk
    In-depth characterization of micro- and nanoplastics in maternal and fetal tissues
  • Mariangela Biggiero
    Catalytic behavior of post transition metals in the electroreduction of CO2 to formate
  • Mark Mangnus
    Tracking chemical species with luminescent nanoparticles
  • Martijn Hut
    Bi and trimetallic systems for CO/CO2 hydrogenation
  • Michael Jenks
    Catalytic Conversion of Municipal Waste
  • Mirjam de Graaf
    Catalytically active coatings for the removal of indoor pollutants
  • Nicolette Maaskant
    Shining new light on photoenhanced catalytic CO2 hydrogenation
  • Rafael Mayorga González
    Exploring the Complexity of Pore Space of a Catalyst Particle
  • Robin Vogel
    Time-Gated Raman Spectroscopy of Light Alkane Dehydrogenation Catalysts
  • Romy Riemersma
    Studying the Genesis of Nanobubbles on Zeolite and Metal Organic Framework Thin-Films by Scanning Probe Microscopy
  • Roos Grote
    Smart fabrication of photonic/catalytic ensembles for thermo-plasmonic photocatalysis and light-based sensing
  • Roy Maas
    Radical initiated plastic cracking
  • Sebastian Rejman
    Value-added products from polyolefin waste by catalytic pyrolysis
  • Shuang Yang
    Structure-Performance Relationship over Cu-based Catalysts in Electrochemical CO2 Conversion
  • Sibylle Schwartmann
    Analysis of catalyst for electrochemical alcohol oxidation coupled to hydrogen production
  • Sofie Ferwerda
    Operando Micro-Spectroscopy of Coke Formation in Dry Methane Reforming Catalysis
  • Thimo Jacobs
    Detecting and Exploiting Local Phenomena in Catalytic CO2 Conversion
  • Tom Smak
    Thermo-oxidative degradation of polyethylene waste to valuable carboxylic acids
  • Vaishnavi Ganesh
    Elucidation of the Organic- versus Inorganic-driven Deactivation of Aniline and Phosgene Synthesis Catalyst Materials with Spectroscopy and Microscopy
  • Xiang Yu
    Al2O3-x-based single-atom-catalysts for methane conversion