Roos Grote

PhD Candidate
Employed since: September 2023
Room: VMC 2.10



Currently, most catalytic processes entire reactor vessels are heated by burning fossil fuels, resulting in various deactivating side-reactions and little spatial or temporal control over the reaction processes. Preferably, just the catalytic surface where the chemical reactions take place is heated. Locally delivering energy to the catalyst system requires complete redesign of the configuration of a chemical reactor. In this consortium, called CATlight, we introduce the use of light to steer chemical reactions where the catalytically active sites are locally heated by absorption of optical radiation. Our new reactor design is composed of a vessel that is filled with a three dimensional mesh of optical waveguides/fibers that are decorated with plasmonic nano-heaters. Intense light pulses are guided through the 3D network and excite the plasmonic nanoparticles thermally-coupled to catalytic nanoparticles, while reaction gasses are continuously flowing through the vessel. The use of electrically powered optical excitation makes the energy use more sustainable. My work will be on smart assembly, regeneration and scale up of specifically tailored plasmonic/catalytic nanostructures that can be used for thermo-plasmonic photocatalysis.



2023 – present

PhD candidate at Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis | Utrecht University

Project title: “Smart fabrication of photonic/catalytic ensembles for thermo-plasmonic photocatalysis and light-based sensing” within the CATlight consortium. Promotors: prof. Dr. ir. Bert Weckhuysen and Dr. Eline Hutter, co-promotor: prof. Dr. Erik Garnett


Nanomaterials Science Master | Utrecht University

Thesis: “Water Effects on Heterogeneous Supported Nickel Catalysts and its Performance in the CO2 hydrogenation” under supervision of Dr. Matteo Monai and Angela Melcherts

Internship: “Scalability of Evaporated Perovskite Solar Cells” at Valencia University in the Molecular Opto-Electronic Devices (MOED) group under supervision of prof. Dr. Henk Bolink and Javier Sebastián Alonso


Pre-master chemistry | Utrecht University


Applied Science Bachelor, Chemistry | Zuyd Hogeschool

Internship: “Plasmon Mediated Suzuki Coupling” at TNO, Eindhoven under supervision of Dr. Francesc Sastre and Nicole Meulendijks

Research minor: “Towards a proof of principle on the controlled ring expansion of cyclic polystyrene” at Dispoltec, Chemelot Campus under supervision of Dr. Evelien Baeten and Stefan Beckers

Thesis: “Novel Ru Catalysts for Photo Methanation of CO2” at Brightlands Materials Center, Chemelot Campus under supervision of prof. Dr. Pascal Buskens and Ryan van Zandvoort