News 2019

20 December 2019

ICC Christmas dinner and Princetonplein Muziekfestijn

The end of 2019 was celebrated in a festive atmosphere with a great Christmas dinner with interesting prizes, organised by Savannah, Christia, Max and Bas, and participation in the Princetonplein […]

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22 July 2019

Matteo Monai wins the Eni Young Researcher of the Year award

The Young Researcher of the Year award is presented every year to two researchers under the age of 30 who have received a research doctorate in an Italian university. It […]

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06 June 2019

Ward van der Stam appointed as Tenure Tracker at ICC

In March 2019, Ward initially started as a postdoc in the Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis (ICC) group, but recently, his position was changed into Tenure Track Assistant Professor. He will […]

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18 March 2019

Utrecht twice in ‘final’ for European billion-euro grant

The Energy-X research proposal led by The Technical University of Denmark is one of the six finalists for the billion-euro flagship scientific initiatives. Bert Weckhuysen is a participant in this […]

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11 March 2019

Methane promising route for storage of renewable energy from sun and wind

Charlotte Vogt, Matteo Monai, Gert Jan Kramer and Bert Weckhuysen recently published in Nature Catalysis on the renaissance of the Sabatier reaction. This work focusses on CO2 reduction towards value […]

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20 February 2019

Carbon to carbon: chemistry and legislation need to work together for a true circular economy

Bert Weckhuysen gave a lecture at the Royal Institution London. In his lecture, Bert takes his audience on a journey from the discovery of crude oil to our current problems […]

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18 February 2019

Petra de Jongh appointed as member of the Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen

Members of the KHMW are responsible for organising activities that shorten the distance between society and the scientific community. The UU press release can be found here. (in Dutch)

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16 January 2019

Nature Communications publication for Jingxiu Xie and Krijn de Jong

Nature Communications: Emissions of carbon dioxide dramatically reduced in new chemical production process. Click here for UU press release. Click here for the paper on the Nature Communications website.

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