Internships (external)

Currently the following internships are available. If you are interested please directly contact the indicated contact person(s)/supervisor(s).

Contact / Supervisor: Sander van Bavel, Shell Global Solutions Int. B.V.
Title: RAIRS for supported epoxidation catalysts
Project description:
In this internship the student will work on the sample preparation development to use reflective absorption infrared spectroscopy (RAIRS) for supported epoxidation catalysts.
Method development will entail the preparation of (model) catalyst samples, e.g. by dropcasting and spraycoating catalyst samples onto reflective surfaces. This is followed by validation via RAIRS measurements and other surface science techniques. Ultimately the aim is to correlate catalyst composition with catalyst performance.
The start of the internship is flexible, with a duration of at least 5 months (preferably 6-12).