Information for students

Thank you for your interest in doing your MSc or BSc thesis project with us!
This page is for students at Utrecht University looking for a BSc thesis project, a MSc thesis project, an internship (also for non-UU students, see below), a topic for a literature study.

For job applications, that is, enquiries about PhD candidate or post-doc positions, please check the tab Applications for further information.

Supervisors: please check the information about education on our group’s Wiki page.


In our group we work on

  1. advanced characterisation of complex functional materials using state-of-the-art spectroscopic and microscopic techniques
  2. testing catalyst materials and other functional nanomaterials in known as well as newly-developed conversion processes
  3. the design and controlled synthesis of catalyst materials, often with a strong link to industrial catalysis
  4. the development of theoretical models for catalysis and spectroscopy including chemometrics and data mining
  5. improving sustainability and circularity of catalytic processes and recycling processes (such as plastics)
  6. environmental analysis with focus on nanomaterials characterisation

More details on the research performed at ICC can be found here.


MSc and BSc projects:

As Bachelor student you can join us for a BSc thesis research project (10 weeks of practical work, 15 ECTS).

MSc students can join us for an MSc research project of 52.5 ECTS.

Steps to take:

  1. For MSc projects make sure to first consult our site for currently open calls for MSc thesis projects!
  2. For both MSc and BSc thesis projects consult our Quick guide for students
  3. If you want to apply for a project with us please fill in and submit this online form to express your interest – make sure to carefully read the instructions:
  4. After submitting the form you will be contacted by Florian Meirer about your request as quickly as possible (please be patient).

Different projects are available as part of the various research topics of our PhD students and postdocs. See the personal pages of the people working in our group for a flavor of the topics that are covered in the group. You can find currently open calls for MSc projects here.

You can contact Florian Meirer directly if you encounter any unforeseen problems.


Literature studies:

Looking for a topic to do your literature study? Please contact possible supervisors (PhD Candidates and Postdoctoral fellows) directly but first have a look at open calls for projects here: Available Literature Studies


External Internships:

The group is internationally recognized as leading in catalytic nanomaterials and many of our projects involve extensive collaborations with a large number of industries, such as, Shell, Albemarle Catalysts, DSM, Total, Toyota, BASF, and DOW, and with other academic groups in e.g. Europe, USA and South-Africa. In all these companies and academic institutions internships are possible. If you have a specific scientific topic in the field of catalysis in mind, we will do our best to find the right host and supervisor for you.
Any open calls for internships (external) can be found here: Internships (external)


Internships at ICC:

We regularly host exchange students from foreign countries for research projects ranging from three to twelve months, for instance as part of the Erasmus program. You can find more information about Erasmus+ at UU here.
Acceptance is dependent on capacity selection. You can find currently open calls for MSc projects that might qualify for such an internship here (note that MSc projects are 52.5 ECTS)
If you are interested in an internships at ICC please contact Florian Meirer directly


Contact information

Dr. Florian Meirer
David de Wied building (Universiteitsweg 99), room 4.86.
Phone: +31 6 22736338