Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Fabiane Carvalho Ballotin
    Production of carbon nanostructures and magnetic sulfonated carbon materials
  • Fei Chang
    Supported metal hydrides for energy storage and catalysis
  • Hongyu An
    Application of operando SERS for the study of catalysis mechanism
  • Ina Vollmer
    Tackling plastic waste through chemical recycling
  • Jiadong Xiao
    Demystifying the genesis of active sites of Ziegler-Natta catalysts during early stages of ethylene polymerization
  • Jongkook Hwang
    Preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide in hydrogen over supported Au based catalysts
  • Justine Harmel
    Bifunctional metal-acid catalysts for selective hydrocarbon conversion
  • Kai Han
  • Kang Cheng
    Bifunctional Catalysis in Alkanes Conversions
  • Luke Parker
    Chemical Imaging of Ester Hydrolysis in Complex Pore Structures
  • Mahnaz Ghiasi Kabiri
    Using x-ray spectroscopy to probe the electronic structure of manganites due to doping effects
  • Marianna Gambino
    Micro-spectroscopic Characterization of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalysts
  • Mario de Bruyn
    Vibrational Spectroscopy on ALD Prepared Catalysts
  • Matteo Monai
    Structure Sensitivity of Supported Nickel Catalysts for (De)Hydrogenation Reactions
  • Robert Geitner
    Mechanistic Insights in “CO-free” Carbonylation Reactions as Revealed by Quantitative 2D Correlation X-ray and Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Shiyou Xing
    Zeolite supported metal oxides catalyzed CO2 hydrogenation for selective aviation fuel synthesis
  • Thomas Hartman
    Development of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy techniques for the study of surface reactions over heterogeneous catalysts
  • Wirawan Ciptonugroho
    Bi-phasic acid-base catalysis in Pickering emulsion
  • Yohei Uemura
    X-ray spectroscopy for ultrafast processes in photocatalysis
  • Yuanshuai Liu