Available Literature Studies

Currently the following calls for literature studies, only for master students of nanomaterials science at Utrecht University, are open. If you are interested please directly contact the indicated supervisor(s).

Supervisors: Sebastian Rejman, Ina Vollmer
Title: Properties of polymer melts relevant to chemical plastic waste recycling
Project Description: In our team we aim at developing catalytic processes to convert plastic waste to value-added products. The goal of this review project is to compile a comprehensive overview of polymer properties relevant to their catalytic conversion. Physical and viscoelastic properties for example have a big influence on bringing the polymer and the catalyst into contact. Therefore understanding these properties is highly important in the development of efficient catalysts. Examples of questions that need to be investigated: How do molecular weight and crystallinity affect viscosity? What is known about gas transport in polymer melts? A full set of properties of interest will be compiled at the start of the project.