Proposal Weckhuysen granted in first CAPITA call

In the First CAPITA Call, the project proposal of Weckhuysen and researchers from Greece, Spain, Flanders and Italy is granted.

The granted project in which Weckhuysen is involved is called “WAste bio-feedstocks hydro-Valorisation processes”, and is submitted by Dr. A. Lappas (Greece, coordinator), Prof. J. García Martínez (Spain), Prof. B.M. Weckhuysen (the Netherlands), Prof. G.B. Marin (Flanders), Prof. G. Centi (Italy) and Dr. G. Iaquaniello (Italy).

This first CAPITA transnational joint call for proposals was entitled “Innovative catalysis for the monetization of low value carbon”. Participating Funding Agencies of the various countries (GSRT for Greece, MINECO for Spain, MIUR for Italy, NWO for the Netherlands and IWT for Flanders) fund the respective national parts of the proposals.

Three projects are granted within this first call, and 2.2 Meuro of the call budget is utilized.

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