Launch website Faces of Science

This month, the KNAW launched the website Faces of Science. Roy van den Berg will be one of the ‘faces’.
At this website, the ‘Faces of Science’ report about their daily live as a researcher. They will do that via movies, blogs and articles. The ‘Faces of Science’ are from all different research fields from different Dutch universities. In this way the website visitors get a nice impression about the research being done in the Netherlands. Since ‘Faces of Science’ will give a realistic view on what it is like to be a researcher, the website will be especially useful for (secondary school) students who are considering an academic carreer.

At this moment, Faces of Science has started with nine young scientists. Every month, three new young scientists are added. At the 1st of July 2014, the page of Roy van den Berg will be published on Faces of Science.

About Faces of Science
Faces of Science is an initiative of KNAW and De Jonge Akademie in collaboration with Kennislink and Fastfacts. It is financed by scientific authors of Elsevier Science and supported by Lira Auteursfonds Reprorecht.
Get a first impression of Faces of Science via their promotion video (Dutch).