Shell Research celebrates 100th year anniversary

Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam (STCA), celebrated their 100th year anniversary on July 2nd 2014 in Amsterdam.

As former employee and current consultant Krijn de Jong was invited for the 100th year anniversary of Shell, which took place in the presence of His Royal Highness King Willem Alexander. During this event, not only the past achievements and contributions to environment and society were celebrated; Shell also attends to future ambitions, whereas the past 100 years of leading innovation formed a platform for future investments in new talents and innovation.

The Dutch newspaper METRO dedicated a section to the 100 year existence of Shell Research. The section includes interviews with researchers of the present. They talk about their ideas and how they translate them into current research topics with various applications in various sectors. Overall, all of Shells innovations reflect todays challenges and the need to find a solution to improve our society and environment. Furthermore, Shell pays attention on how to achieve new innovations by investments and cooperation with other companies and people from various backgrounds/areas.

The research laboratory Shell Research was founded in 1914 in Amsterdam. Back then, the laboratory employed of nine people, but Hugo Loudon (chairman of the Dordtsche Petroleum Society in Amsterdam), foresaw a larger need of space for innovation in the future. Loudon was right, because Shell has showed an explosive growth in innovation since then. Nowadays, Shell is one of the leading companies in the development of new innovations that contribute to a better society and environment.