Science Spotlight award for Roy van den Berg

At the opening of the academic year at the faculty of Science, Roy van den Berg received the Science Spotlight award from dean Gerrit van Meer. This award will be given to one of the researchers and students of the faculty of Science that promoted his or her research externally in an outstanding way.

Roy van den Berg is one of the Faces of Science. As part of this, Roy is blogging about his work and his passion for Science on the website Kennislink. Gerrit van Meer: “Roy is great at making his stories very personal, and at using social media effectively. His efforts are part of a more contemporary approach to promoting chemistry at Utrecht to both prospective students and the wider public.”

Appreciation for outreach
The board of the faculty of Science, with this award,  wants to show her appreciation for outreach. Gerrit van Meer: “It is crucial that we as researchers show, explain and tell the world how exciting it is what we are doing and how our fundamental sciences contribute to society. Outreach comes in many forms and different opportunities for each researcher. With the Spotlight we want to recognize researchers and students who take their responsibility and put in extra time and effort to get the most out of their outreach opportunities.”