Eelco Vogt appointed Professor of Refinery Catalysis

Utrecht University has appointed Dr. Eelco Vogt as Professor by special appointment of Refinery Catalysis.

The chair for Catalysis of Oil Refinery Processes, endowed by Albemarle Catalysts, is part of the Inorganic Chemistry & Catalysis group. With this appointment, Dr. Vogt, dinstinguished R&D advisor for Albemarle Corporation, will conduct research on approaches for increasing the sustainability of refinery processes via improved catalyst formulations.

Strategic theme Sustainability
The collaboration with Albemarle is part of Utrecht University’s strategic theme to promote sustainability. With his broad knowledge of the field, Dr. Vogt can make important contributions to the university’s research program.

Research focus
The particular research of Dr. Vogt within his new function will focus on Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) and Hydroprocessing (HPC), which are both important processes in the production of gasoline and diesel.

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