Krijn de Jong speeches at the 200th anniversary of the Faculty of Science

In occasion of the 200th anniversary of Science, Krijn de Jong speaks about the world of Science in 2025.

In his speach, de Jong reflects on our perception of time in the near -and far future.
He points out to the different departments within the Faculty of Science and how they see their contribution in the future. They are inspired by two main matters. First, the understanding of the fundamentals of matter and of life and second, the use of the acquired knowledge for solving the major social problems of our time, such as energy, climate and health.

Education at the Faculty of Science of Utrecht University will be characterized by: custom-made, small-scale, -and strongly grounded in the disciplines. The Faculty of Science will be a place where students are educated with a strong link between education and research and according to the latest didactic insights from the Freudenthal Institute.

The 200th anniversary of Science was celebrated during the festive opening of the Academic Year 2015/2016.

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