Martin Oschatz wins the Carbon Journal Prize 2016

Dr. Martin Oschatz will receive the Carbon Journal Prize 2016. The price includes a travel grant for participation in the
World Conference on CARBON 2016 at the State College in Pennsylvania. Dr. Oschatz will present the results of his PhD thesis in an award lecture. The price is awarded annually by the Carbon Journal for “an outstanding Ph.D. thesis in carbon materials science and technology”.

Martin Oschatz worked in the group of Prof. Stefan Kaskel at the Technical University Dresden (Germany) as a Ph.D.
student from October 2011 to April 2015. He developed nanostructured carbon materials for gas filtration applications and
electrochemical energy storage. In 2013, he stayed for 2 months in the group of Prof. Gleb Yushin at the Georgia Intitute of Technology (Atlanta, USA). Since May 2015, Dr. Oschatz works at Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis supported by a PostDoc grant of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). In the group of Professor Krijn de Jong, he develops nanostructured iron/carbon catalysts for the selective conversion of synthesis gas to hydrocarbon molecules.