Vidi grant for Florian Meirer

This month, Florian Meirer received a Vidi grant for his research on the structure of catalysts in relation to their performance.

Studying paths through the pore labyrinth of catalysts
Functional porous materials such as catalysts are essential for producing modern everyday life products. The materials’ pores form a complex maze that influences their macroscopic properties. This project will explore how matter travels through this labyrinth and relate this to catalyst performance.

Vidi grant
The Vidi grant from NWO is aimed on outstanding researchers who have performed several years of successful research, after their promotion. Scientists that receive the Vidi grant, belong to the best ten to twenty percent of their field. The election is based on the quality of the scientist, the innovative character of their research, the expected scientific impact of the research proposal and the opportunities for knowledge utilization.

In 2015, 572 researchers submitted a Vidi application. NWO awarded 87 applications. With a Vidi grant up to 800.000 Euro, scientists can set up their own research group.

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