Recent media appearances

Last month in the media: Pieter Bruijnincx, Eelco Vogt, Bert Weckhuysen and Jovana Zecevic.

In Chemisch2Weekblad of May 20, Pieter Bruijnincx appeared with a collumn  in which he suggests that sustainable development goals can be tackled with Chemistry.

Eelco Vogt appeared in ChemieMagazine with an article about his research on the sustainability of refining processes by improving catalysts.

On May 9, the ARC-CBBC officially launched with the symposium ‘Chemical Building Blocks for a Sustainable Future. Bert Weckhuysen is the scientific director of the consortium.

The colleges of Bert Weckhuysen at Universiteit van Nederland appeared in ceveral social media including Volkskrant, KNCV, Utrecht and Metro. The college ‘Waarom kun je het onderste puntje van een ijshoorntje beter niet opeten?’ had more than 36.000 reviews on youtube.

Jovana Zecevic appeared in UITmagazine with an article about her publication in Nature in 2015 about the orientation of platinum particles in an zeolite catalyst.