Jochem Wijten one of the three 2016 Utrecht University Master Thesis Award Nominees

In his research, Jochem Wijten proved that a new category of materials -Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)- can contribute to a more efficient storage of solar-energy. Next to batteries, the sustainable energy can also be stored in the form of hydrogen. Wijten proved that MOFs are promising materials to accelerate the splitting of water molecules into oxygen -and hydrogen.
His master thesis was supervised by Dr. Monica Barroso, Dr. Jan Philipp Hofmann and Prof. Bert Weckhuysen.

Utrecht University Master Thesis Award
Nominees can be students of all Utrecht University master programs and also finished their thesis within Utrecht University. The award winner will be announced during the ceremony for the new Academic Year in September. The winner will receive an award which consists of a certificate, €1,500 and a replica of the Sol in front of the Academiegebouw (University Hall).

The other nominees of the 2016 Master Thesis Award are Rick Vreman (Pharmacy) and Roel Wouters (Medicine).

In addition, Jochem Wijten was also selected as one of the four nominees for the 2016 Master Thesis Award of the Graduate School of Natural Sciences of the Faculty of Sciences of Utrecht University.

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