Nature communications paper for Carlos Hernández Mejía, Tom van Deelen & Krijn de Jong

Researchers Carlos Hernández Mejía, Tom van Deelen and Krijn de Jong found a facile method to effectively control metaloxide decoration over cobalt nanoparticles that involves expansion of the nanoparticles followed by shrinkage to their original size. This optimizes the coverage of the nanoparticles by the support thus leading to enhanced activity of our nanoparticles. This method to tune metal-support interactions is valuable tool for designing catalytic materials with improved performance. More information about the paper can be found in the UU press release.

Activity enhancement of cobalt catalysts by tuning metal-support interactions
Carlos Hernández Mejía, Tom W. van Deelen & Krijn P. de Jong, Nature Communications 9, 4459 (2018), DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-06903-w