Erik Maris and Iris ten Have win poster and presentation awards at the 2021 NCCC conference

ICC was very successful at the online 2021 Netherlands Catalysis and Chemistry Conference this year:

Erik Maris has won the Poster Award for his poster “Making more efficient zeolites: Visualizing motion on the single-molecule level”. The jury specifically appreciated the infographic-style layout, which allowed easy reading on a computer screen, and the embedded sound fragments that provided for an audio tour explaining the poster.

Iris ten Have received the NIOK Lecture Award for the best presentation for her talk “Identifying Aldehyde Functionalities as a Source for Polyaromatics during Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis” with co-authors Alexander van Bavel, Adriaan Duijndam, Robert Geitner, Tianbai Huang, Stephan Kupfer, Stefanie Gräfe, Koen Bossers, Florian Meirer and Bert Weckhuysen. Iris received a plaque and a prize of 500 euros.