Florian Zand

PhD Candidate
Employed since: June 2019
Email: f.zand@uu.nl
Room: Open Space 5th



Fundamental understanding on catalysts is an inevitable step to design novel catalysts for future processes like the valorization of carbon dioxide. In this project, the focus will be on bimetallic nanometer-scale catalysts for hydrogenation reactions. Hereby the underlying catalytic mechanisms will be studied to get insights on how to control the selectivity, the stability and the activity best. With that knowledge, a more sophisticated design of efficiently performing catalysts should be made possible, which further needs to be translated into altering the synthesis strategy and conditions.



Since 2019:

Ph.D. candidate at the group of Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. B.M. Weckhuysen and Dr. Robin Geitenbeek.

Project title: “Characterization of bimetallic catalysts: size, structure and composition during synthesis and at work”



M.Sc. in Chemistry at the Technical University of Munich

Master thesis in the field of Catalyst Engineering.



B.Sc. in Chemistry at the Technical University of Graz

Bachelor thesis in the field of Analytical Chemistry.