Fréderique Broers

PhD Candidate
Employed since: October 2018
Room: 4th floor open area



3D Understanding of Degradation Products in Paintings

Paintings are subject to various alterations over time and nowadays often have a different appearance than originally intended by the artist. In this research project, we want to visualize – in 3D – the degradation processes that take place in the painting. The focus of the project is the degradation of arsenic- and lead-containing pigments.

A better understanding is necessary in order to delay or completely stop these degradation processes. To achieve this, data fusion technology will be used, a technology that is already used in heterogeneous catalyst research to combine various types of imaging information in 3D. This involves combining 2D distribution maps of the paint components on the macroscopic and microscopic scales, spectroscopic information and 3D density volumes obtained by computer tomography. For the microscopic information synchrotron-based techniques such as µ-XANES, µ-XRD, µ-XRF and ptychography are used. The combination of these different techniques makes it possible to visualize the degradation and migration processes in the paint layers in relation to the paint surface.

This PhD is part of a NICAS project funded by NWO. It is a collaboration between the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Utrecht University, University of Amsterdam, University of Antwerp and the University of Groningen.




Present Joint PhD candidate at Science department – Rijksmuseum, Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences – University of Amsterdam and Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis – Utrecht University. Project entitled “3D Understanding of Degradation Products in Paintings”.


Research Internship at CNR-ISTM, Perugia, Italy. Research project entitled “Research on Pastels used by Edvard Munch” under supervision of Dr. Costanza Miliani

2016 – 2018

M.Sc. in Nanomaterials: Chemistry & Physics at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Master thesis entitled “Disquisition on the Acidity in Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalysts” under supervision of Dr. Marjolein Velthoen and Prof. Ir. Dr. Bert Weckhuysen

2014 – 2015

Minor in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage at University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2012 – 2015

B.Sc. in Chemistry at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Bachelor thesis entitled “Synthesis and Characterization of Mn4+-doped Fluorides and Oxides” under supervision of Dr. Tim Senden and Prof. Dr. Andries Meijerink


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