J.W. Geus

Professor Emiritus
Employed since:
Phone: +31 30 253 6770
Email: j.w.geus@uu.nl
Room: W.524 (H.R. Kruyt building, Padualaan 8 in Utrecht)



John Wilhelm Geus (1933) was educated at the Technical University of Delft, where he studied chemistry from 1951 to 1957. His graduate work, guided by Prof. dr. W.G. Burgers, concerned precipitation processes of solid compounds from liquid solutions. He graduated “cum laude”.

From 1959 to 1971 Geus was employed by DSM at the Catalysis Department of The Central Laboratory. After a period in which he focused on fundamental work on adsorption processes on metals, he concentrated on processes for the production of solid systems with controlled structures and properties. Though his main activities concerned solid catalysts and catalytic reactions, he also developed new magentic materials and inorganic pigments. With his newly developed synthesis procedures he succeeded in the preparation of new and better catalysts with which he could considerably improve a number of catalytic processes.

Thus equipped with impressive experimental and theoretical skills and a profound insight in the conduct and policy of industrial companies and institutions, he started his work in Utrecht. During his time at the Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis group, he guided more then 80 PhD students and he also inspired numerous students by his lectures in (inorganic) chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis.

In honour of John Geus and at the occasion of his retirment from Utrecht University, the book ‘heteroGEneoUS catalysis’ is published.


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