Xiang Yu

PhD Candidate
Employed since: November 2019
Email: x.yu@uu.nl
Room: 5th floor study area



Al2O3-x-based single-atom-catalysts for methane conversion

The goals of my research are to establish high performing single-atom catalyst systems for the selective conversion of methane, and to obtain the fundamental insights into the catalytic mechanism and the dynamic change course of a working single-atom catalyst, with the assistance of operando spectroscopic techniques and ab-initio simulation methods.



2019 – present
PhD candidate in the group of prof. dr. ir. Bert Weckhuysen, Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis, Utrecht University

Project: Al2O3-x-based single-atom-catalysts for methane conversion

2016 – 2019
Physical Chemistry, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University

Master thesis: Self-hybridized coralloid graphitic carbon nitride deriving from deep eutectic solvent as effective visible light photocatalysts

Enhancing both selectivity and activity of isoprene hydrogenation by atomically dispersing nickel on mesoporous S-doped carbon nitride

Elevated understanding of electronic metal-support interaction: the atoms beneath the interface

2012 – 2016
Applied Chemistry, College of Chemical Engineering at Tianjin University
Bachelor thesis: 

Triarylamine-based molecules as the hole injection layer of flexible OLED

Controlled synthesis of nano TiO2 photocatalyst via biomass templates