Jochem Wijten wins Unilever Research Prize

The Unilever Research Prize is awarded to Jochem Wijten for the research he conducted during his Master’s programme within the ICC-group.

Wijten was nominated for the prize because of his remarkable talent and passion for research. During his Master’s, he combined the expertise and technical infrastructure of Utrecht University and TU Eindhoven in a multidisciplinary context.

Jochem Wijten followed the NIOK Graduate Program on Solar Fuels Catalysis, an honors track at the Nanomaterials Master’s programme, for which he received his Master’s degree cum laude.
With his research into alternative, carbon-free energy sources, he contributes to a more sustainable future in a major way. The Unilever Research Prize is awarded annually and consists of a trophy and a cash prize of   € 2500.

Currently Wijten is a PhD candidate working on electrocatalysis for renewable energy storage under the supervision of Professor Bert Weckhuysen.

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