Iris ten Have

PhD Candidate
Employed since: September 2017
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Promoter and poison effects in heterogeneous catalysis: Novel tools to shed fundamental insight.



2017 – Now
PhD candidate in the Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis group, Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science, Utrecht University, supervised by prof. dr. B.M. Weckhuysen.
Project title: “Promoter and poison effects in heterogeneous catalysis: Novel tools to shed fundamental insight”

Research internship at Stanford University, supervised by prof. dr. T.F. Jaramillo and dr. M.S. Duyar.
Project Title: “Support and promoter effects in MoP catalysts for higher alcohol synthesis from syngas”

2015 – 2017
Master nanomaterials: chemistry and physics at Utrecht University
Master thesis: “Structure-Performance Relationships in Cobalt Fischer-Tropsch Supported on Carbon Materials”, supervised by prof. dr. ir. K.P. de Jong, T. W. van Deelen, MSc., and dr. M. Oschatz.
Literature thesis: “The Role of Metal-Support Interactions for Preparing Single-Atom Catalysts”, supervised by prof. dr. P. E. de Jongh and R. Beerthuis, MSc.

Student assistant on the course “Organic chemistry” for geoscience bachelor students

Student assistant on the course “Organic Chemistry 1” for chemistry bachelor students, involving assisting with practical work.

2012 – 2015
Bachelor chemistry, including a minor entrepreneurship, at Utrecht University
Bachelor thesis: “Understanding the Deactivation Mechanism of Cu-SSZ-13 in the NH3-SCR Reaction with Hydrothermal Treatment and Base Leaching”, supervised by prof. dr. B.M. Weckhuysen and R. Oord, MSc.

Research internship at Sachem Inc., supervised by dr. P. Vermeulen

2012 – 2013
Teacher “Dutch for foreign students” at Utrecht University

2006 – 2012
High school at Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden (cum laude)

Born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on the 5th of November


06 March 2021

Erik Maris and Iris ten Have win poster and presentation awards at the 2021 NCCC conference

ICC was very successful at the online 2021 Netherlands Catalysis and Chemistry Conference this year: Erik Maris has won the Poster Award for his poster “Making more efficient zeolites: Visualizing […]

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Oord, R; Have, I C Ten; Arends, J M; Hendriks, F C; Schmidt, J; Lezcano-Gonzalez, I; Weckhuysen, B M

Enhanced activity of desilicated Cu-SSZ-13 for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx and its comparison with steamed Cu-SSZ-13 Journal Article

In: Catalysis Science and Technology, vol. 7, no. 17, pp. 3851-3862, 2017, (cited By 29).

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